New to Rapidweaver. I Can't rename my metatag folders


My problem is the same as the one below, which was posted a year ago. However, the solution that has been offered is not working for me. Can anyone help please.

“Under the page inspector the general settings and then the folder name under the meta data. my issue has been that when i rename a folder the next page below it is also renamed. Such as; {page 5 changed to (about-us) or (/about) in the folder} When I change this the contact page will also change to this same folder name.”

Hi, Rachel,

Are you talking about these settings?

If so, please, post the screenshot of your settings. Also, please, post the screenshot of the ‘Pages’ sidebar of your project (black, left-sidebar).

What’s your version of RW? Are you using Stacks or built-in page plug-ins?


Hi Rob,

Thank you for your response, I’m sorry for my delay in responding to you…

Yes, those settings are the ones I’m talking about.

The folder names won’t ‘stick’, I will put paintings in to the Folder space and when I click back it’ll be ‘Print’ or ‘page 4’…just not ‘painting’.

I’m using RW7 and stacks with Paypal addon.

I’m sorry I can’t see how to upload the images, I’ll send them to you via email.

Thank you.

You should be able to just drag the image (screenshot) into the post.
Is it by chance the home page? You can’t change the folder on the home page.


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