SEO Rx and Doobox Map 2 stack

I’m using Doobox’ Map 2 stack here - - on a site that’s in development. I love it. Best map stack ever.

However, it’s making Chillidog’s (@barchard) SEO Rx stack go bonkers, giving the page a lowly score of about 50 when all the others are happily in the 80s.

I understand that SEO Rx is a guide but should I pay any attention to it in this case or just ignore it?

Any insights appreciated.


Hi Rob

What’s the message that its flagging? Images? JS? Please ellaborate a little more on what SEO Rx is catching and I can take a look. I am planning on adding the ability to export and save the table in a future SEO Rx update to make this data easier to share :slight_smile:


Hi Greg,

it’s loads of stuff like the attached. So all to do with image names and alt tags.

Gotcha. Thanks. I’ll talk to doo box about it and get more info from him.


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In the meantime I’ll remove SEO Rx from the page. I just can’t take the scolding!

Ironic. All those messages contain references to images supplied by Google :slight_smile:


Indeed. Hilarious, isn’t it? :sunglasses:


Next update will ignore images sourced via

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Thanks. Great products are created one point release at a time. :wink: