SEO-Rx, Your RapidWeaver SEO prescription

Hello Weavers-

I’m excited to finally share my fastest selling Stack with the community, SEO-Rx. SEO-Rx analyzes your site and gives you a personalized prescription for SEO. Simply drop SEO-Rx on your page and get an instant score card on the quality of your SEO. With SEO-Rx, you’ll know what to fix and how to fix a slew of common SEO issues including:

  • Image file names and Alt tag issues
  • Meta tag problems including robots, description, and viewport
  • Page title including Stop Words
  • Meta Robots inhibiting your page from being indexed

SEO-Rx will also generate a Search Engine Preview of your page. This allows you to see an estimate of what your page will look like in Google Search results.

Additionally, I have put together a great collection of help articles to help everyone get started with SEO.

What are you waiting for? Get your SEO prescription now!

Your top dog,


This is a much needed tool for RapidWeaver users! I’ve used it on a few sites just today - think it’s an essential tool.

It has its own knowledgeable :open_mouth:

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Big thumbs up for this stack.
I thought I was doing alright with my SEO but Greg’s stack somewhat put pay to that.
It’s been very useful for exposing my over exuberance with page titles/descriptions and my (almost complete) lack of alt tags for images just for starters.
It’s an absolute must have in my books.


A very useful stack for improving SEO in websites. And also for improving optimisation with social sharing and bookmarking services too. I’ve written a review about SEO-rx on my blog, in case anyone is still on the fence about getting this stack or not:


Wow. Just purchased this. Really nice. Having the info there at your finger tips means you can resolve issues before publishing. Highly recommended!


Version 1.1 is now in the wild! This release has a lot of great improvements and new features including:

Significant enhancements to SEO-Rx’s content analysis.

  • Export and share your results in CSV, PDF, or paper formats.
  • Check for Web Clip and Favicons
  • Check for broken (external) links on your page
  • Skip images hosted from (e.g., maps)
  • New stylish tooltip for image previews
  • Limit image previews to 750px (max) width
  • Add word, characters and paragraph counts to Styled Text Stacks
  • Better responsive handling and retina controls
  • If an Alt tag is provided, don’t penalize the SEO score as much for filenames

Your top dog,

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Do you need to install the SEO-Rx stack on every page on your project?
Also posted this q in:

Pop it on a page, preferably near the top.
Preview, see what it recommends.
Make what changes you see fit
Preview, check if your changes worked.
Delete it off the page

Go to next page and repeat.

It’s not a stack that ‘does’ something, it shows you what you need to do improve things.


Yes you need to add it to every page. You don’t have to delete it. It doesn’t add any weight to the page output when you publish :slight_smile: