SEO - RX & Page Safe ---lost a lot of my google ranking places - is it this?

My website has album disappeared from google rankings and searches. ( it was well placed for a lot of searches.
I put SEO rx on today to check and its saying this ( see pic )

Now i dont know why it should have this on this page so i tried another and it shows the same thing again.
These pages do contain Page Safe so would that cause the problem ?

I would appreciate any suggestions
My site map shows these descriptions as well but i went through every page to day and renamed them. Why dont the changes show in the site map?

Where are the page descriptions written now , as i can’t find the input area .

So I’m guessing something is stopping the pages being accessed by google and there fore the page ranking has gone.
Where would be this metatag be thats causing this block ?
thx in anticipation

Ok something has placed this into the HTML head section of every page

I guess that would be the reason why the ranking has gone through the floor ?
Not sure how or why that would have gone in there as i dont think i did it.
Is it something that Page Safe might put in ? ( i dont think it is , but i have to ask the question )

Hi @leigh

It could be but there are a lot of factors. This message in seo rx is because seo rx found a meta noindex tag on the page. A simple test: add seo rx to a new/blank page and view the report. Then add page safe to your page and try again. See if the indexing status has changed.

The second screenshot is not related to the indexing status


thank you - yes sorry i sneaked in two questions into one post :wink:

Hi yes i did make a slight faux pas . It was my fault, which i realised as soon as i read your message.