Separating Foundry and Foundation stacks from Elixir’s and JW’s 'non-theme' stacks

The organization of stacks has improved with each version, though I’d like to see if I can organize further and am missing a simple click or similar.

I have a large amount of stacks from both ElixirGraphics and Joe Workman that are separate from the Foundation stacks and am trying to figure out how to separate the Foundry and Foundation specific stacks from both developer’s other stacks so I don’t accidentally use a theme-specific stack in a non-Foundry or non-Foundation themed project.

Also, there are some stacks from specific developers that somehow ended up in the ‘Unknown’ section of the Stacks Library pane. Is there a way to move the ’Unknown’ stacks to the rest of the developer’s stacks in the Library pane?

You can view stacks by developer. You can also setup folder with whatever you want in them. Older stacks that don’t sort properly require an update from the developer.