Foundry Stacks not working

I have just loaded Foundation and Stacks and when I drag a foundation stack inot my web page I get the following
When I try to use the stack its saying

Guys what is missing I’m sorry to be a pest I just cant see how to add this.

Dupe. Please don’t post multiple threads about the same issue. Someone may spend time replying in one thread only to see that someone else replied in the other.


Sorry Don as you know I’m new here and thought after posting it on the previous one that I might need to start a new thread for a new subject. I’m terribly sorry.

It’s not a big deal. We were all new here once!

I hope I don’t have to keep bugging you all. But I looked at the video and was able to load the foundry stack but when I went to load the theme this is what came up and it wont drag into the page.2020-03-09_15-54-55 What am I doing wrong???

You may want to change the title of this thread. I believe you can as the thread starter. This is about Foundry not Foundation.

You have to use the Theme’s dropdown to choose your theme.


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