Seprating Page Content With Different Colors

Hi there.

I can’t seem to figure this one out.

I would like to separate my page into sections - horizontally - with different colours.

Currently when I change the background colour of a stack - you can see on the web site where the stack sits on the page - and does not go right to the edges of the page.

Any assistance appreciated…




If you’re able to use HTML within your page, you could simply use the span tag thus:

<span style="background-color:red">text with first background color</span>

<span style="background-color:blue">text with second background color</span>

<span style="background-color:green">text with third background color</span>


Thanks MarkSealy.

I can’t seem to get the colour to fill the entire width of the page - just the stack insert on the page.

I think I may need something like MagicGellan or Screens or CosCulture’s Fullpage Scrolling Stack.

BTW - using the “Endeavor” theme…


Endeavor theme has different extra content areas that have corresponding background colours. You need to put the content in an extra content stack then change the content number to relate to that area.

Thanks bitbumpy - got that sorted out with your help.

Now - the next problem I have is - how do I insert space between each “extra content” stack?

I have used all available “extra content” stacks for my different sections of the page - but would like to see the original background colour as a space between each “extra content” stack…

Inserting a “spacer” stack - does not carry the colour of the spacer all the way across the page…


Can’t help you there sorry…
There are only 5 extra content areas of this sort in this theme and they line up one after the other. (after the main content that is…)

If you need more you might be better off going with a blank theme…? Foundation, FreeStack or Bootstrap.

I suspect - though I haven’t used the Theme you’re working with - that most or all of this can be done with custom CSS… setting background colours and margins etc.

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