Service Coverage Map - stack or service

I’m looking to create a ‘Service Coverage Map’, to show the areas where a particular service is available in the UK, similar to this:

Doing it by county or postcode would be fine - it’s just to show an approximate coverage area.

I’d prefer not to just edit an image to create this, does anyone know of an online service (or better still stack) that I could create something like this with?

Many thanks



Might take a look at this stack :
Don’t know if it will manage maps though.

I believe you can still do this in Google Maps.


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Thanks for the suggestions.

The Locator stack isn’t designed to select areas, it is more about multiple points on a map - so not suitable fo this,

Doing it with Google maps (sort of) works, but its a bit clunky and the results don’t look that great - I was hoping for something a bit neater. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.



I’m not really clear what you are looking for. Why not just accomplish this with an image editing app like Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer? I’m not understanding why you are trying to avoid the seemingly straightforward solution.


Main reason for trying to do it this way is that the service areas are likely to change as more agents come onboard, you could then just update the coverage on Google Maps or what ever it is that is being used.

It looks like it will be an image though, as I haven’t come up with a better alternative.



Got it. But if you do as an image, implementing the coverage area as a layer on top of the original image, then it will be easy to update.

I’m sure you already know about this but Joe and Will offer great stacks for creating responsive image maps. They do more than it seems you want, but both are great products. See more here:
and (note: this one is free)

Thats a good idea Mathew, and one I hadn’t thought of.

Not quite what I had in mind, but let me see what I can do.

Thanks again.



Mark: If you have something like Affinity Photo or Designer then this becomes super simple as things change in the future. Add a layer, create the coverage bubble. Adjust transparency to your liking. That’s the regular setup. But … as things change then just duplicate the coverage bubble layer, adjust and then mark the original coverage bubble layer as inactive (or whatever term they use). This makes is really simple to adjust coverage areas as they grow or change over time. And it always allows you to go back to an original coverage bubble if needed (in fact this technique can be used as a good way to show how coverage has expanded over time).

I don’t know if it is much different to the other suggestions put forward already, but the ImageMapper stack (formally by Tsooj Media) is another stack suitable for creating image maps:

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