ImageMapper 2 Now Available

ImageMapper was originally developed by Tsooj Media. This latest version modernises the user interface. The stack works much the same as before. A couple of new features extend what you can do with ImageMapper.

What’s particularly good about ImageMapper is that alongside support for regular rectangular shapes, it can also handle circles and more intricate polygonal shapes. ImageMapper is responsive. As the screen is made smaller, some jQuery Javascript code is used to recalculate the point coordinates; therefore avoiding the issue of the image becoming cropped or your areas not aligning correctly with the image underneath.

A stack like ImageMapper could be used to create an interesting format of website navigation. Either links could be configured to open on other webpages or you could use anchors to scroll to other places in the same page. Support for custom attributes means you could potentially make use of addon lightbox effects too.

Changes in version 2 include:

  • A significant overhaul of the editing interface to move away from deprecated Stacks API features (like repeats). Emphasis on faster and easier setup
  • It is now possible to toggle between map areas you configure within the stack settings or import the source code for an existing image map to reuse in ImageMapper
  • Switch between using dragged and dropped images, warehoused images or a simple ‘test’ image
  • The instructions and user interface for the Coordinate Inspector (in preview mode) has been updated to make things clearer
  • A new icon, update checking facilities, keywords and meta data desired by Stacks 3 and later
  • Tided some settings and created new informational tooltips
  • Removed the limit on the number of map areas supported
  • Map areas now support custom attributes (like IDs, classes or data- attributes) which may come in useful for attaching additional click events or styling
  • Tidied the underlying source code. Removed some browser hacks and prefixes that are no longer required

Update eligibility

  • Purchases made on or after 1st July 2017, login to your Paddle account to obtain the latest version
  • Purchases made longer ago, please get in contact via email (with proof of purchase attached) to request a 100% coupon code before 30th September 2017

Alternatively until Saturday 30th September, ImageMapper is available at 25% off for all new and existing users. No coupon code necessary. The discounted price is shown on the website and when you checkout.

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