seyDesign AddEvent not generating ics file

Hi, folks. I’ve recently stumbled across the cool AddEvent stack from seyDesign. I plugged it in on a stacks page, filled in options (see photo), and gave it a spin with “Preview Page in Safari”. No luck; there’s no ics file being generated. The example on seyDesign’s web site seems to work perfectly fine. So, I have two questions:

  1. Any ideas as to what I might be missing in my definitions?
  2. What are the valid “Timezone Strings”? I’m certainly not in London, I’m over in the Portland, Oregon, USA area (US Pacific Time).

Thanks in advance, folks. I’m looking forward to getting this thing working!

You might have to publish the site to see it work?


From the SeyDesign AddEvent page “Export or publish the page to a web server with PHP 5.6 or greater. This stack does not work correctly in RapidWeaver preview”


Ah, nuts, I completely missed that item under the Setup section! Thanks, NeilUK and Fuellemann.

Hey, before I forget, still looking for guidance on how to use the “Timezone String” field. Is that strictly text, or does the entry actually mean something (such as ensuring proper synching of local time)?


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