.ics Issues between AddEvent and Event Calendar Stacks

I have the AddEvent stack from SeyDesign and it works great.

The problem I am having is when I try to pair that stack with the Event Calendar stack from Rapid Ideas.

When I had the AddEvent stack inside the Event Calendar stack, nothing would happen. So, I dragged the AddEvent stack out of the Event Calendar stack and then when I clicked on the button to add the event to my calendar, I got the below message:
“No calendar file specified!”

BTW, I did upload to my server each time before I tested.

I then deleted the Event Calendar off my page and kept just the AddEvent and it worked.

Does anyone know a fix to this issue so I can use the calendar and the add event stacks together, so my visitors can see the events and add them to their calendars?

Hello, @dwshearer. Did you ever get this one figured out? It seems that I’ve run into the exact same problem.

I never did get a response to this issue.