AddEvent stack problem (retry)

Hi, folks. Looking for a bit of help with the AddEvent stack. I have two of these on a page on my web site that I’m putting through testing. I’ve filled in all the bits in the Settings area, re-published the page & did a refresh. Click on the “Add To Calendar” button, and I get a " No calendarfile specified!" message – and no ics file is downloaded, either. Works the same for either of the two buttons on this page…

My site is hosted on GoDaddy, and they’re running PHP 5.6.30.

Any help or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have this stack but when I inspect your page compared to the AddEvent demo page, the one difference I can spot is the demo has a URL set while yours doesn’t seem to. Not sure if that would cause the issue or not.

What is your link if you compare it to the second screenshot on the post here:
New - AddEvent Stack

Actually, I take that all back, it doesn’t seem like that URL setting should be related

(Also, unless it is needed for something else specifically, you should consider updating the PHP to version 7+).

Thanks, Jason. Yeah, the URL is a completely optional field in the AddEvents stack. Not sure how I’d go about upgrading to PHP 7, as my web hosting service is GoDaddy.

Still stuck, here…

If you can navigate to your cPanel in godaddy, it’s easy to do:

Just click on the ‘Select PHP Version’ under the Software section, and then select 7.2:

I imagine their support team could get you updated pretty quickly as well (it’s literally selecting and saving a setting).

Not sure about the stack though, maybe @willwood can decipher it…

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