AddEvent-Stack - Calendar can not read this calendar file

Hi all
I installed your newest version of the AddEvent Stack today.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work correctly:
After publishing my Website - I am able to download the .ics-File - but I get an error message:
“Calendar can not read this calendar file. No events have been added to your calendar.”

Why is that?
If I download the example of SeyDesign - everything works fine.
I use RW 7.5.2 and Stacks 3.5.5.
My theme is Foundry 1.0.1.
Thanks for your assistance.


Have you tried approaching the developer for support? That’s probably the best idea. @willwood

Yes - here is the answer:

“Given that this is provided as a free stack, I would recommend you make use of the RapidWeaver community forums to post your question:

I solved the problem myself! - What a wonderful world…!
It was necessary for my region (Europe) to set a customized timezone in the settings of the stack: Europe/Zurich

Now everything works fine:

Thanks everyone for help!