SFTP / key / Rapidweaver question

Trying to fix my publishing issue with Rapidweaver. My host told me to try using SFTP.

I generated the private and public key in cPanel but the instructions that I found say to use Putty to proceed. Is there a Putty version for Mac?

If not, then once the key has been generated in CPanel and downloaded to my computer, how would I proceed? Do I simply put the key in the “known host” folder on my Mac?

Might have a look here:

Thank you Doug.

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@AngelArs PuTTY is software which allows you securely to connect to remote servers using SSH (Secure Shell). You don’t need it. Terminal will do just as well.

Once you have set up the private and public keys as described by the article to which Doug links above, you can use macOS’ built in shell (the command line) with Terminal (beware this site is confused with ads… just jump to the content) just as easily. Good luck!

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