SFTP needs Port 22

I have a very big problem because my provider has switched to SFTP. In order to continue uploading my site with Rapidweaver, I have to be able to enter port 22. But I can’t find a way to do this in Rapidweaver. Can anyone help me?

That’s the standard port. Which error message do you get during publish?

The test do not works and stand still

Do I need a public key for publish?

Port 22 is the standard port and you shouldn’t need to enter it anywhere. However, non-standard ports can be entered like this on the publishing page …
Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 8.01.53 AM
Many hosting services don’t use the standard port, are you sure yours is?

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You don’t need to add port 22, that’s the default.

SFTP requires a pair of matching keys on the server and the client. How you get an SSH public key onto your server will vary between hosts.

Who are you hosting with? Perhaps someone is familiar with their setup.

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Also that should work automatically, doesn’t it?

I believe that it would vary from hosts and even from hosting plan to plan. Dedicated servers and many VPS plans don’t do much really automatically.

As with every publishing problem, it’s much easier to provide help if we know the hosting company involved.

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