SFTP RW 8.4.1unable to connect

  1. I am a school teacher. My district created a server space for me to publish a website.
    The method they want me to publish is with SFTP.

  2. Currently, I’m having trouble making a connection to my server via SFTP using RapidWeaver’s RW 8.4.1 However, I am able to connect to the server using Forklift.

  3. I do not have or use ‘Use Public Key Authentication’ … Do I need to? How do I find out of that is needed.

  4. Full disclosure … I have no idea how to access that info. Do I need to contact my school IT that built the server for me?

I really want to use RW’s built in client.

Please help?

What happens exactly when you hit the test button?

What do the settings look like(screenshot) in Forklift that work?

Did you have to do anything special to get forklift working?

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