Sftp big problem in rapidweaver 8 I just bought!

Yesterday I upgraded and paid from RW 7 to RW 8.

I have a sftp connection and it does not work !!!

It says that it has uploaded and it has not !!!

Dan from realmac can you please help me or give my money back. I have been busy for 2 days now and rw8 does not work with sftp. I have uploaded at least 15 times and each time it is published says RW.

I have as a provider Strato and there is no problem with them.

What can I do now ?
Please advice because I am very stressed.

An you add a Screenshot of your publishing setting?

Once again @Titine2209, please don’t post the same issues multiple times. It confuses new users.

The help you are receiving is from people who volunteer their time and effort.

If you don’t get the answer right away be patient, multiple posts won’t solve the problem any faster, and you have people asking for information you provided in one of your other posts.

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