What's the best way to embed content across multiple sites

We have a customer that wants us to build a headquarters master website with multiple satellite sites for locations across the usa. It will start with 10 sites and they expect growth to over 100 within a year.

Each location site will have its own CMS with schedules and photo galleries. We will most likely use Easy CMS.

Challenge: The customer would also like to have sections on 2 of the pages controlled by the master website. They would update national info… and it would change on all sites.

On a small scale this can be done manually, but with over 100 sites this will become time consuming.

Is there a way to link partials to other sites? The satellite sites will all be together in a shared hosting account with subdomains for each.

Is there a cms that can display on multiple sites?

If we put them all on one site we could do it with partials, but then we couldn’t have 100+ cms logins for each satellite location. In addition, I don’t know how Rapidweaver would handle a site with 700 pages.

Use an offsite for these 2 in the navigation

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As Jan says you’d use an off site page:

  1. Master site is published has the 2 pages you want to appear on sub sites.
  2. Subsite has its own unique pages AND 2 RW Offsite pages with each pointing at the FULL url of the published pages on the master site.
  3. Done

Thank you! Very simple and easy solution - Since the master site has the same brading and appearance and only the url changes this looks like the best way to go.

Thanks @PaulRussam!

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