Using Shopify "Buy Button" wiith RapidWeaver - Help!

I have a website built in RapidWeaver (version 4.4.2) - up and running for over 10 years. Just opened a Shopify account and started out with a test product / Buy Button. The folks at Shopify say everything is filled out properly and working. But after I embed the “Buy Button” code nothing appears in my preview or when I upload the new page to the internet.

I found some ideas about possibly needing to put part of the code in the header of the page but can’t seem to figure it out. Any help is appreciated.

I’m not familiar with RW 4 settings - but a couple of things to check:

There should be a Header section in the Page Inspector where you can add code

Also, when you insert the HTML code that goes into the body of your page, be sure that it is pasted in as plain text. You can usually do that by Selecting Edit - Paste as Plain Text from the menu (again, not sure what RW 4 settings look like).

Actually, here’s a link to a RW4 manual. Page 28 and 29 have info on inserting code into the Header section. Hope that helps!

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Thanks for your help, Jason. I just tried the “paste as plain text” but no luck.

The other idea I found, which was a little outdated, was suggesting that I paste some (but not all) of the code into the header. And then the rest into the body. The very last idea on this page:

The settings on RW for the header options are: Header, CSS, Javascript, Prefix and Assets.

Here’s a link to a test page on my site. The code has been pasted right below the text “CART HERE:” and above the credit card images.

This isn’t really my forte but in the Page Source/Page Inspector, you can see the javascript code that’s pasted into your site. I’d try putting that bit (the part in between <script> tags into the Javascript section of that Header tab and seeing if that does the trick.

I tried that a few times but still nothing. Thanks for the suggestion.

When you add it, are you adding the <script> and </script> tags as well, or just the pieces in between it? Because Rapidweaver adds those tags automatically and I think duplicates can cause unwanted errors.

That’s about it from me as far as suggestions go, unfortunately. Hopefully someone can help get you sorted out.

If things are as I’m thinking… Code for BUY buttons go into the page where you want the button to appear. Paste into your page, highlight it, and from HTML menu select “Ignore formatting” from the HTML selections. See sample in pic below… the “green” means that “ignore formatting” has been applied. Private info has been edited out.

Double check that the code you are pasting has no smart quotes. Could you take a screenshot of the code for us to see? If there is private info black those characters out…

Left grid shows the code in green… right grid shows a button not in edit mode… image is being displayed.

Or perhaps a Buy Button on your page like that is not what you are doing… .I’m not clear. What you see below puts an item in the users cart… We are using Ultracart right now…

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I think @1611mac is correct, according to their docs ther is code for buy button and code for cart.

Have a look further down the page under advanced, pretty good explanation there.

Thanks Greg. I tired the ignore formatting idea. It didn’t work.

I don’t know why the code isn’t more condensed when Shopify generates it. But it added up 9 screenshots (all apologies):

might not want to post all 9… wow… it’s a big long script… all that just to put a buy button on a page. wow.

I’ll have to let someone else who uses Shopify help you… sorry…

Hi @MD22 so all you should need to do is paste the generated code into a HTML stack and ignore formatting. Take a look at my example here. If it doesn’t work after that then you might wanna contact Realmac as it may be something to do with the fact how old RW4 is. I’m guessing here as it could be a number of things really.

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Thanks, Dylan. I’m a new user so my daily quota of posts ran out right before your above response.

I did paste the button code, with ignore formatting, but no luck. It’s just invisible when I preview it (or upload it).

Still waiting on a response from the RW folks.

I would start by doing the following:

Add a new blank stacks page
Put an html stack on that page
Go to Shopify
Get the embed code for the buy button,- make sure you are getting the right code. From their description it looks like they have buy button code and cart code. I don’t have Shopify but a different one, on mine, to generate a buy button you do it by going to that specific product to get the code. And to get the cart code you go to the general store area.

Paste the buy button code into the HTML stack, highlight and clear formatting.
Publish that page and have a look.

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