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Hi Stacks Devs!

My payment processor Visa’s Cybersource, plays well with these shopping carts:

Magento (by Adobe)
Demandware (Salesforece)
Micros Retail|
Net Suite (Oracle?)
Websphere Commerce (IBM)
Hybris (SAP?)

In bold those that are top-tiered supported.

Are there any RW cart / eCommerce plugins or stacks supporting any of these providers out of the box?

That depends if you want to use the cart “Front End” (Store front) or only the “Back End.” I use UltraCart but only the “backend”. RW is used as normal to make the store pages. You then just use a small “Add to Cart” script (button) in an html stack. The button code also works in styled text if you “Clear Formatting.”

I believe most cart systems provide this option? Not sure. So it really comes down to if you want to make your own storefront pages or use a commercial 3rd party store front. We’ve only got about 100 items in the store (we mostly offer free downloads) so using the back end only works well here.

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Thanks Greg. Frankly I could go either way. Using and embedded shopping (hopefully whitelabeled and brandable) shopping cart service or basic carting scripts (with RW design) and only off-site checkout popups.

No, what I am really looking for is a shopping cart service that will route to payment gateway Cybersource (, a VISA company, .AND. that hopefully is natively/directly supported by some RW plugin or stack suite by some RW vendor.

The provided list is the cited services as “supported” by Cybersource.

So I guess my question is ¿do any of the devs in RW’s ecosystem directly support Cybersource as a payment gateway for their plugins .OR. any of the listed shopping carts listed atop work with their plugins/stacks?

Hint: I believe AuthorizeNET is a Cybersource company.

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