Will Woodgate is great!

Just had to give a quick shout out to Mr. Woodgate at Stacks4Stacks. One of his stacks was recommended to me as a possible solution (thanks also to robbeattie for that). Even before I made the purchase I had questions related to the free demo. Will responded almost immediately with solutions to all my questions. After buying the stack I had more questions and Will answered them quicker and more completely than I could’ve hoped. I’m frankly not used to this level of support in anything, let alone a $20 purchase. Thanks again man!


What was the Stacks4Stacks stack?


Needed a lightbox that worked well with video.

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I agree that Will is great. He offers many free and helpful stacks, and demo versions of all his paid stacks (I believe). I’ve asked other developers about demo versions and I get a lot of excuses why they don’t have them. I try to stay away from those since they offer no refunds. It’s pay and test, and too bad if it doesn’t work for you. I suspect Will saves a lot of time by offering demo versions, and he probably sells more too. I know I’ve bought many of his stacks.


I totally agree, Will has always been helpful!


Yes, a shout out to Will! I had a question about bulk adding images to a ProGallery 2 warehoused folder last week, and not only did he help me work it out, he went into great detail with the answer, much more than I could have hoped for! He turned me on to a few apps that actually changed my workflow when it comes to working with images in bulk.
Whenever I look for a solution to a website “issue/request” and start searching stacks, his products are one of the first Rapidweaver resources I look at. Almost always find what I need there!


For my two cents - I too have had outstanding service from Will also


Yes, will is great. We are very lucky to have him and so many other dedicated RW developers.


i even would not have stuck to rapidweaver so long if it wasn’t for will. 10 thumbs UP for him and his dedication and unbeatable support!!! :ok_hand::pray:

I agree Bruce, there’s way too much “pay and test”. It’s too hard to know what you’re getting. Will is certainly not like that.

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I’ll add my upvote for Will, as well. Always willing to help, very customer-focused, top-flight stacks … what more could you ask for in a developer.


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