Show Keynote html presentation?

(Keith Lucas) #1

I have been trying to load a Keynote presentation, converted to html (index.html file + assets folder), onto a dedicated page of my website—without any success.
Does anyone know how this ought to be done?
Is there a particular Stack I should use? (I have tried in vain to lift the code from the index page and paste it into the html Stack).
Maybe there is a plug-in that would work?
Many thanks!

(Doug Bennett) #2

I’m not at my Mac right now, but if I remember, the export to HTML option produces an entire website.
I think you would need to take the complete folder produced by the export (index.html and the asset folder and place that on your website as a separate directory.
Then you would need to either link to that directory (folder) as an off-site page, or an iFrame page or stacks.
The offsite page would not have navigation back to your main site, so you may want to launch in a new tab.

(Greg Schneck) #3

One option is to export the slides as images and then present them that way.

(Keith Lucas) #4

Many thanks Doug,
That is pretty much what I have been trying to do. Unfortunately, the html only seems to work at the offline location where it was created (i.e. on my desktop). When I move it anywhere else I just get a black screen. I could try breaking into and editing the index file to see whether there is any code that relates solely to the offline location (address for the assets folder for example)…
I appreciate your help. Thanks!

(Keith Lucas) #5

That would be fine if the presentation only contained static pages and no sound… unfortunately it contains rather a lot of animation/builds/transitions and numerous sound tracks.
Thanks anyway…

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