Can Flash be displayed in an html stack?


Found some cool editable flash intro’s online and did some editing to there content and would like to display them on my web site / now my question is can I display this index.htm file in an HTML stack. If I load it with safari it displays in my web browser with all my edits however I don’t know if stacks can display a web page in a web page so to speak. If any one knows how to do this I could use the help. If not can I display it as an off site page? I get a Forbiden message when I tried to use an offsite page to access the file on my server. This would look really cool and give my potential customers a nice banner with there business slogans and message with some cool flash images with music.

Thanks for any help with this.

also the files are located at /public_html/intro305/

I don’t want to sound patronizing and you may totally disregard this post, but “Flash” is a dirty word in Mac world. Flash is a cause for security concerns. Every few weeks Adobe issues a new version with another security hole plugged. There are other, purely technical, problems with Flash. I think, you would do your viewers a favor if you’d find a way to avoid using Flash. :expressionless:

I see, I will take it to heart and have removed my flash demo.