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Is it possible to export a RapidWeaver website to enable it to be downloadable file and then opened in a browser (or anything else) offline?


Depends on how you design the site…
Do you want it to perform like a presentation or as full website?

Like a presentation. The links would all be in internal.

I meant that the links would all be internal.

The main thing to remember is about fonts…
Most of the themes today use web fonts.
But you should be able to just export the site…put it on a thumb drive and go for it…
Test with your internet connection off!!!

If any of the pages use PHP(many stacks require), then no you can’t just copy published files and open in a browser. Also any external links including the logo link on most themes would be broken.

You didn’t say what you’re trying to do exactly. Websites need a web server to work correctly.
You can use an app called MAMP (the free version would work) that would allow you to run a web server locally on a Mac or Windows. But that app or similar would have to be installed and the published files would need to be placed in a specific folder on that machine to work.

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I want to create someone’s memoir incorporating images, text interviews and old cine converted to video. I also want it to be menu driven. i.e. Letting the viewer choose which bits to experience in the order they prefer. It may be something that has a long shelf-life and not therefore not dependent on an external web service or an application like MAMP though I can see that would work. Rapidweaver has everything I need to create what I want but perhaps I need to find some other kind of publishing software.

I use Foundation as a theme.

And the interviews would be an audio file as well as text.

I would convert it to Keynote…

I Don’t think RapidWeaver is the right tool for something like that. RapidWeaver is great at building websites, but it’s not designed to make a stand alone interactive presentation. It needs a web server to work.

Keynote only works in a linear way I think. Perhaps there is a gap in the market for something like this.

It can be made to work with a menu…

Does a keynote presentation require keynote to be installed on the machine viewing the presentation? That would limit the audience to Mac iOS users.

Been a few years since I did presentations (PowerPoint) but if I remember you had to have at least a PowerPoint viewer installed or use outside software to make it standalone.

With keynote…you can save as Keynote or PowerPoint
The Apple ecosystem you can have Keynote on all for free.
Not sure about the MicroShit side…Sorry!!!

Perhaps I can create a simple folder with the site already linked to the free MAMP app?

MAMP would need to be installed on the machine (Mac or Windows) by someone with admin authority. It also would need to be configured (PHP version, port numbers, source directory, etc). The web server started and stopped and the URL’s for the local site would need to be setup (usually localhost:8888 or similar). Not exactly user friendly.

With website hosting being fairly inexpensive now a days, you could easily start with a website, then later adapt to something else?

It’s not the expense. Memoirs are usually written and then published in book form with associated stills. This is somewhat limited compared with utilising images, audio and video as selected by the viewer. However, a book will last indefinitely. Anyone embarking on memoir would hope it will - at least - outlive them and perhaps go on down the generations. A web site is ephemeral. Hosting companies come and go and once someone does not renew it would probably just disappear. If the original author and/or creator of the memoir is no longer around or in business whatever was created originally would probably never survive. It is one of the downsides of digital. It has built in obsolescence due to relentless progress.

Thanks to you all for helping me realise the futility of this particular quest.

Could this help?

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Was just going to mention Stagedive too :+1: (couldn’t remember the name anymore…)