Stack for a Sidebar

Blank Theme 2.1 doesn’t have a sidebar and I need one for the categories of the RW Blog. I’ve pulled my blog page into a Stacks page using Niceframe, but alas no list of categories and tags. Is there a Stack for creating a sidebar?



Hi Andrew,

As far as I’m aware DeFliGra’s Niceframe and Sidecar bundle covers that eventuality. If you didn’t buy the bundle maybe you can buy the Sidecar separately.


I believe I’ve resolved this for you on Twitter already. You simply need to insert %sidebar% and %plugin_sidebar% macros into the page, where you want your blog sidebar rendered. I just tested this in Blank theme, RapidWeaver 6 and Stacks 3. After I entered ‘Hello World’ in the sidebar and previewed the page, the content was outputted onto the page, in place of %sidebar%.

Thanks for the advice. I do have Sidecar - was struggling with that - is that where I would enter the macros? Please excuse ignorance - don’t know what a macro is? And where to put it?


Anywhere. I just put %sidebar% in an HTML stack and it worked for me. I presume you’d do the same for %plugin_sidebar%. Any content stack or column should work.

Still not getting it? I’ve pasted the Macros - one into the sidecar in a html stack and the other in another html stack? Screen grab below.

Try not putting the sibebar macro in SideCar.


Working fine for me. HTML code stack in RapidWeaver 6, Stacks 3, Blank theme:

Previewing the page in RapidWeaver with some sample content in the sidebar:

RapidWeaver is correctly replacing my %sidebar% macro with my actual sidebar content when the page is previewed and published.

Still not getting it? Maybe the text is same colour as background or something? Have tried changing the width of the Niceframe Stack too?

I could be wrong, but I think if you want a sidebar on the side, you need to add a 2 column stack.