Sign Out annoying me

How do you sign out of this chatroom? Bloody annoying.

Hey @bluecob,

Not sure what you mean, there isn’t really a “chatroom” here on the forum.

Are you talking about email notifications that you might be receiving?

Hi @bluecob

To signout/logoff of the forum, go to the top right and select your icon and go to the bottom of the list to the user icon - click that and select Log Out:


Obviously you have no idea.

Did what you said and there is NO “User icon” at the bottom. Before you ask I clicked the little arrow and still no Log Out.

I have been signed in now for two days and now really pissed off. Can i suggest you fix this.

See attached screenshots.

@bluecob Hi, You are particularly unpleasant, not to say rude. So click on the bust icon and you will see « logout. » This may allow us to have the pleasure of no longer sharing your unfounded anger. Courtesy is one of the fundamental foundations of life in society but it seems necessary to remember it. Have a good day.

This issue has now been resolved!