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delete post, not relevant any longer!

Hi @tnittner,

You need to check your spam or junk mail filter. And make sure your email is working.

You’ve already emailed me the same question and screenshot and I’ve taken the time to give you a detailed reply. I don’t understand why you’ve posted the same information to the forums and not acknowledged my email reply?

Tip: If you send in support requests using the proper email address on the website, you can easily ‘whitelist’ or bookmark my email address to ensure you get a speedy reply direct to your inbox:

I don’t use contact forms for this very reason! :slight_smile:

hi @willwood ,
you are right and i am awfully sorry! it did land in spam. i now added your adress to my contacts.
after retrieving it i noticed that you wanted to know which theme and if all stacks where up to date. the theme is foundation and stacks is the newest version. running on rw 7.1 with os sierra.
actually it’s really just a petty question: in the video by jonathan head the stacks had a grey border once they were activated. also sentry could be called up by clicking and staying clicked on one of the stacks. finally - as seen on my screenshot - the controls within the stack don’t work for me.
sorry again, by no means did want to offend you!
kindest regards, tomas

To quote another developer, which I agree with:

Problems posted to the forum remain here forever driving away users – even if the problem is solved quickly. The cost of an ugly forum post to my sales is huge (i cannot overstate that enough). The cost of answering an email is tiny.

So can I suggest that you request this thread be deleted and we continue the conversation offline (if there is, indeed, anything further that needs to be discussed)?

I’ve already given you lots of information by email, specific to your setup. I cannot see that having a separate forum thread running in parallel is of use to yourself or other users. The issues you have raised are known issues that have been fixed already in the next update.