👉 Sign-up for Squash 3 Early Access and SAVE!

Just a quick reminder that if you want to try out Squash 3 for Mac before it officially launches you should sign-up on the new Squash website.

And here’s just a few of the many reasons why you might find Squash useful:

  • Photographers use Squash 3 to take a catalogue of their images and easily apply their watermark before sending them to a client or uploading them to the web.
  • Web developers can use Squash 3 to quickly and easily convert images to another format while reducing the file size at the same time.
  • Journalists and Bloggers can use Squash 3 to convert large PNG screenshots into minuscule JPG files before uploading them to their CMS of choice.
  • iPhone users can easily turn their HEIC files into a more compatible format for use with other apps and phones.

:point_right: Sign-up to get Squash 3 early and SAVE


Hi, I’ve signed up, read over the sign-up emails etc. and scanned the site, but for the life of me, I can’t see any mention of the price! How much will S3 be when launched?

We’ll be making the official announcement next week on Tuesday (22nd).

We’re discounting that price for those that signed up for early access :+1: look out for further emails with more details.


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Oh and don’t forget to up-vote Squash 3 on Product Hunt if you’ve got a moment. It’s super helpful to us, and helps get the word out. Thank you! :pray:

When is it going to be available to actually buy`?

If you sign-up on the Squash page you’ll get the chance to buy it early with a discount. (quickest is 1 day, longest time right now is around 5 days).

The public launch will probably be sometime next month.


I had an email asking me to tweet about it after signing up last week. I think the email said you’d send me a link to buy after the tweet. I think.

Can’t tweet about something I haven’t used though! Although saying that, I don’t use Twitter!

I’ll wait for the proper launch. It’s all getting a bit too involved for my small brain.

You should get a follow up email in the next few days with a link to download or buy Squash 3, hang tight :+1:

Used Squash 3 yesterday for the first time. Saved me time and the results (used some basic filters) were excellent. Batch loading of photos is brilliant!

Sorry…found them.

@RadicallyPractical That’s awesome to hear. Nice one :+1:

Hi there!
Downloaded and installed, very nice job!
I have a couple of bugs to report, though. Is this the appropriate place?
Thanks in advance

Oh noes, you can send those bugs directly to me - dan@realmacsoftware.com :slight_smile:

oops I sent an email yesterday to support@realmacsoftware.com
is it ok too?

Sure, I’ll keep an eye out for it :blush:

Will there be RAW support for camera files? (Using a Canon R6 and Panasonic S5 at the moment)

Yes, Squash 3 supports importing and converting RAW files!

Are the known RAW file types or supported cameras published anywhere? Each camera has it’s own RAW file format and just want to be certain my cameras are on the list.

Just tested a .cr3 file and Squash doesn’t support it, however we’ll look at adding support this week as the Finder supports cr3, I think this should be doable.

I’m still looking into .rw2 support as even the Finder doesn’t support those.

Squash 3 will be available as a demo next month, so you’ll be able to test it out for yourself then :+1: