Squash 3 updated with layered watermarking and more

Hey Squashers,

We’ve just pushed out another release with the much requested support for layered watermarking. It’s been completely redesigned… When combined with saving these as presets it’s really powerful and super handy.

You can now add multiple watermarks (text and images) in different places and add backgrounds to increase legibility. It’s incredible powerful yet simple to use, we hope you love it as much as we do.

We also added an option to retain or remove creation and modification date. Not many apps let you do this :wink:

This is a free update for all users of Squash 3. Oh and talking of free, you can now use Squash for free to compress and resize images. As long as you’re running Big Sur or newer, you should have this app on your Mac!

Check for updates in app, or download it directly… or go purchase a copy from our online store :pray:

What’s New?

  • Layered Watermarking
  • Added options to retain original file creation and modification dates
  • Free version of Squash now allows you to resize images and compress to WebP & AVIF


  • Various UI tweaks for an improved user experience
  • Fixed a rare crash seen when applying image watermarks
  • Fixed a crash when compressing certain images with invalid EXIF information


Great update! Exactly what I need from the watermarking! :+1:

That’s awesome to hear!

I also recorded a quick video here showing off the new watermarking features if anyone want’s to see it in action:

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Please remove the "Use Sample Photo"and “Browse Effect Packs” button,cause it’s useless.