Silly question but if you update your theme, can you automatically keep your old page styles?

(Gabrielle Vickery) #1

I’m about to update one of my projects from Blueball Freestack v2.0 to v2.3. When I do so I assume that I will lose all my individual page style settings, is there a way to copy over the old ones into the new version, or do I have to manually put in the settings again on each page?
Sorry if this is a ridiculous question, it’s only now occured to me how little I utilise the styles tab settings.

(Peg Baldwin) #2

Did you get an answer to this? I am trying to determine if, after downloading an update to a theme, how I tell which version of the theme I am using in my project.

(Gabrielle Vickery) #3

Umm I can’t remember if I’m honest! After updating the Freestack Theme, AND updating to Rapidweaver 6 AND updating to Stacks 3 all in a short space of time, I’m pretty winded! I think there are differences, you could check with Charlie over at Blueball.

What I DO know is that you can tell what version theme you are using by opening your project, going to ‘view/source’ and then scroll down. If you are using the Blueball Freestack theme about halfway down your page you should see something that looks like this: ’ This page was created using the Blueball FreeStack Responsive theme v2.3 '.

Good luck ;-))

(Rob Beattie) #4

There’s some useful information about this over at the Themeflood site.