Silly question but if you update your theme, can you automatically keep your old page styles?

I’m about to update one of my projects from Blueball Freestack v2.0 to v2.3. When I do so I assume that I will lose all my individual page style settings, is there a way to copy over the old ones into the new version, or do I have to manually put in the settings again on each page?
Sorry if this is a ridiculous question, it’s only now occured to me how little I utilise the styles tab settings.

Did you get an answer to this? I am trying to determine if, after downloading an update to a theme, how I tell which version of the theme I am using in my project.

Umm I can’t remember if I’m honest! After updating the Freestack Theme, AND updating to Rapidweaver 6 AND updating to Stacks 3 all in a short space of time, I’m pretty winded! I think there are differences, you could check with Charlie over at Blueball.

What I DO know is that you can tell what version theme you are using by opening your project, going to ‘view/source’ and then scroll down. If you are using the Blueball Freestack theme about halfway down your page you should see something that looks like this: ’ This page was created using the Blueball FreeStack Responsive theme v2.3 '.

Good luck ;-))

There’s some useful information about this over at the Themeflood site.