FreeStack Responsive Theme for RW7

Currently blueball_freestackresponsive_v2.0 2.3 is the latest version but RW7 does see it.

Tried contacting Blueball re. version for RW7, but get Mail deliver problem for on their contact page.

Anyone else use this theme and what they now use.

I’m sure that @blueballdesign will be along in a minute to sort you out! :sunglasses:

If you would email us direct on this I will be happy to help you out. The FreeStack Responsive theme works fine with RW7.

Not sure why you are having an issue with our email either as we receive on average 100+ emails a day from various users. Try using instead or submit a support request using our support request form here:

Happy to help you out on this.


If you’re trying to update your theme, you should know there’s a bug in RW7 which prevents you from either deleting the old version or updating to the new one. I posted a thread about it (and what worked for me) here:

thanks - they just have.

Your support page is still broken, I will use

Hi Charlie,
My apologies yes it now works. I was putting the theme in the wrong spot. I’m now just opening the theme with RW7 and it puts it in the theme folder.
Sincerely Mr David B Gibbins