Simple picture captions? What I'm trying is not working!

Using Foundation for RW. Trying to put a simple, small picture caption under an image – just a person’s name – and don’t seem to be having much luck making it completely work. The particular image this time is part of a Floaty Stack. With the Target stack, I have tried using Text, Header, Letterpress stacks, with and without Fit Text. Generally, works at full width but then caption goes somewhere else in the narrow widths or disappears. Must be some simple way people use to do this. Or maybe you have to incorporate the caption in the image before using the image? I don’t know.

Simply place a text stack directly beneath the image stack. Does this not do what you want?

Wow! Thank you! That was WAY too simple for me to have EVER thought of. After doing that, I found that to get it in the center under the image through all the widths I needed to set the fill mode to fixed size, 120 px, align center with a 15 px left margin. Then it is centered all the way down. Seems like I stumbled onto that “fixed size” setting to fix iphone alignment doing something else. And it works here. Thanks again.