Very naive question about replacing resources

I’ve been using RW8 to create a very very simple web site with a few pages with text and graphics and nothing much else. Today I decided to replace all the graphics on a particular page (they are screen shots, so PNG files) - there were about six there to start with. I deleted all but one, by clicking on each graphic and choosing ‘delete’ from the Edit menu, but the last one just won’t go! I don’t seem to be able to select it, and if I drag a new graphic in from my updated Resources which contains the replacements I need, it appears after the undeleted graphic.
What’s going on? Do I have to delete the whole page and start again? I can’t find an explanation by searching the available help files.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Do you have a screenshot of the page in RW edit mode?

Thanks for asking - here’s the screen shot, and another of the page as it looks in the other mode. It’s the picture with the crow on it that I want to remove, or really replace.

I realise I am being naive, but what I want to do seem so simply.


I’m really hoping for some help with this… meanwhile I am reconstructing the page by adding a new one, but that can’t be right, can it?

I found out a bit by looking at the html - not something I want to do at all. I think the graphic is called pasted graphic, and this time it’s a jpg. I exists in src=“files/pasted-graphic.jpg”. If I could find that folder maybe I could eliminate the graphic, but I am not at all clear why this would be necessary. Should I contact RealMac support?

The path (src=“files/pasted-graphic.jpg”) to the picture is where it is located on your server when it’s published. If you delete it there Rapiweaver will only put it back again when you re-publish your site.

It’s a while since I’ve added images to a styled text page (I do just about everything in stacks these days), so I’ve just added a few images and deleted them to a styled text page, and it all worked as expected (and as I remember).

Have you tried the simple things like saving the file, closing and reopening the project and Rapidweaver and trying again, and if that doesn’t work re-boot your Mac?

It would also be helpful to know the version of RW you are using and the version of OSX.


Hi Mark

Thanks so much for replying. I have done all the opening, closing and restarting things. I’m using RW8.7 and have just checked that that is the most up-to-date version. I’m running it on a recent iMac with Catalina 10.15.7. Can you suggest a next action?

Thanks again


[Gentle rant: I am not sure if I chose the right tool for my web site, to be frank. All I wanted was something entirely minimal that could be used to provide a URL for an iOS app I’m writing. I emphatically did not want to become an expert in under-the-hood web construction. When I bought RW I didn’t know stacks existed, and I don’t really want to use any add-ons at all. It kind of looked as if this was possible, but it has proved more difficult than I thought, and the lack of a comprehensive manual for the product floored me almost completely. Nevertheless I was able to do something, as you can see at

It’s the editing that seems more difficult than I ever imagined it could be. Rant ends]


Have you checked the
to see if you have that image set in the Banner field?

You are using the Artful Theme, correct?

That was very disappointing, you are not alone.
But you are moving ahead :wink:

Chuck, thanks for replying. Yes, it’s the Artful theme. Seemed nice and simple at the time. If I look in settings / general, there isn’t anything special about the Banner field. There is a title “Override Site Banner” but the box below it is dimmed as is the field below that, which I suppose is intended to be the tag for alternate graphic that does the override. So I don’t think it’s that.

As there doesn’t seem to be an obvious solution, I think the most practical approach will be to try to understand the RW7 manual and then recreate my page, deleting the original, troublesome one. In other words, spend more time on the thing. Maybe I just tried to skate along too fast - but there really does seem to be a problem getting rid of that graphic.

Page 17
General settings in the page list
Is the banner image set there? Remove that.
Not General settings in the Page Inspector,
which is where you can set a banner image for each individual page …

Thanks, but that was a disaster. I removed my own banner and got a banner image that was generated by the package rather than my own carefully crafted one. I note that I couldn’t get the banner onto the clipboard (no ‘Cut’ or even ‘Copy’), so it was lost and had to be restored from the Resources. There’s no ‘undo’ either. This software works in its own special way, and sadly I am not yet used to it.

While my banner was gone I tried going back to my troublesome page but I still couldn’t edit away the last graphic.

Obviously you didn’t mean me to do this, but I can’t see any other possibility in the General settings in the page list. All I’ve got graphically there is the (main) banner and the Site Logo. Did I miss something?

Just had a look at the RW7 manual that Chuck kindly provided a link for. Sadly it’s not really a step-by-step manual, is it? More of a rush through all the features. For example it doesn’t answer a question like

“how can I mix text and graphics on a page and control the layout so the captions are in the right place and the graphics are in the right size and configuration?”.

It rushes over the whole concept of editing v. preview, and really of the detail of page editing - the edit version looks so unlike the preview that it’s hard to understand what the editing actually does, especially in terms of layout. I think I picked up a hint that ‘resources’ only refers to stuff you want to link to rather than stuff - like graphics - which is embedded, but this is not clear. I used resources for everything - graphics, logos etc apart from text. Maybe that was wrong.

I will look at it some more, of course, but no luck so far.

I have now succeeded in recreating the page from scratch and that’s what I will go with. Sincere thanks to those who tried to help me. Of course I would very much like to know what went wrong, but I am not at all sure that I could ever get the mother ship interested so this may be the end of the line.
If anyone can point me at a good tutorial about page editing, I will study it - I may even start a new topic on that. Meanwhile I will preserve my original site if I can, and work with a tidied up duplicate.

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