Easy Vimeo Lightbox stack not working

I have been using Symfoni P’s Vimeo wall stack for several years. It allowed the webpage to serve up the latest Vimeo videos from a specified group, and that meant that the person for whom I made the page could update the videos independently. It’s stopped working, and I can’t figure out why. Sadly Symfoni P have ceased supporting their products so I’m a bit stuck.

If I do have to install a new one, which should I be looking at?

I realise that I should have included some clues. The website is www.ollylambert.com, and it’s built with RW5 using Stacks 2. I do have RW6 and Stacks 3 but I’m a little wary of messing it up by upgrading!

Link to your site is a start, but where on that site is the Vimeo Wall stack suppose to appear??


It’s the Film Archive page: http://www.ollylambert.com/filmarchive.html. It should present as a page of thumbnails which you can click on to take you to a lightbox window, with an option to click to enlarge. It was very minimal and very satisfying.

While I was out with the dog it occurred to me that this might possibly be related to the fact that all my licences had to restored along with everything else in the Great Migration Disaster, but on checking I can’t see any error messages.

There’s another, possibly related problem, which is that the Flowbox media stack (also Symfoni P) has stopped serving the videos in a lightbox and instead just defaults to the whole Vimeo page.

Well, the Vimeo Wall page should have changed from .html to .php, but you do not have a .php on your site
comes up 404. That would be the issue.

Why would it suddenly stop working? I honestly haven’t changed anything, apart from getting all the page width and colour settings.

And how do I fix it? Should I just give up and install something from another developer?

In the page inspector, change the filename from filmarchive.html to filmarchive.php, republish all files, then use an FTP app to go on your server, since RapidWeaver does not delete the filmarchive.html file, and remove the .html file from your server. Then it should work. Not sure what changed on your site that made it stop working.

Here’s the page inspector. The only thing which I think might have changed is that the third box down, where you enter the vimeo identifier, is called “untitled”, whereas you’d expect it to have a name. As you can see, there is no extension to the identifier so I have a nasty feeling that I won’t be able to add the .php extension.

Sorry, I’ve just realised what you suggested. I’ve done that and will see whether that solves the problem. thanks so much.

That is not the Vimeo Wall by Joe Workman stack though, it is Easy Vimeo Lightbox by SymfonIP which is no longer a stacks business. I changed the title of your post as it was incorrect.

Oh, I’m sorry. I did name it in the OP.

So my only recourse is buy the Workman one?