Simplesearch stack

Is there anyone who has experience with the simple search stack.
Ik want a search window to find certain articles in my website.
Is this is possible with this stack and how are the settings for this.
Ik have downloaded the trial version and tried using localhost, but nothing happens.

When you say “localhost” how did you try this?

I have uploaded my website to localhost to see the result before I put the website online.
The search application not working in Rapidweaver

Still not sure what exactly you did to upload the site to localhost.
Are you using MAMP?
Is the rest of the site working with MAMP?
How are you testing and What’s happening when you try?

i am using mamp and the rest of the site work with mamp

And these questions?

I open the Web site via localhost: 8888 and I try all the links. all pages open but when I put a word in the search box
then nothing happens

Are you on the sea results page or are you trying to access the search from another page?

I’m assuming you went through the setup process any video on @willwood’s product page.

I haven’t tried simple search in quite a while but I remember it did work.

no I’m trying to search an item on the same page. I have some collum with products and I want to search the product on this page

Did you “setup” the product page in the Rapidsearch results page:

Click on the blue ‘+’ button and create a new search item entry for each page of your website
Enter a title, description, keywords and link for each search entry item, in the stack settings. Do not include any double quotes (") and remember to escape any special characters with HTML entities

SiompleSearch will have to have an entry for every page you want to show up added with the Blue ‘+’.

Per the setup instructions, you take on the role of the search bot and you have to manually build the search index yourself in edit mode.

This process involves pressing the blue ‘+’ button to add each webpage. You assign each of these page entries a title, keywords and description. This data becomes the basis for your search.

There is no method offered in this stack to automatically build a search database. This is why the stack is called SimpleSearch! But it does bring a number of other benefits; like more precise control over which pages are in your search database and the ability to list webpages from another website. It also plays well in a multilingual setup too.

SimpleSearch: SimpleSearch | Stacks4Stacks

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