Simply Static vs RapidWeaver

For those webmasters considering moving from WordPress to RapidWeaver because they’ve got a high-traffic site (or some other reason) and want to move to a static version, I’d like to share my experience with Scott Blaine’s brilliant (and free!) Simply Static plugin Unlike many/most of the static generator plugins on WordPress that don’t work, Simply Static I found actually did work and promptly generated a perfect static version of a nearly 100 page site. Really incredible.

As some of you already are aware, static site generators (like RapidWeaver) are a booming field, with literally hundreds to choose from and more coming on each day. There’s even a site devoted to them However, most of these static generators are aimed at skilled command-line programmers and the like, and not the civilian population. Enter Scott Blaine and his free Simply Static plugin. Now anybody can easily generate a static site and not hassle the daunting task of recreating their WP sites in another platform. Way to go Scott!

I love Go and can vouch for Hugo as a great fun and bonkers fast (as are most things built in Go).

While I can appreciate the value of this plugin (for WordPress users), I don’t see how this benefits anyone using RapidWeaver. I’m sure there are forums better suited for this… :smile:

The general pros and cons of WordPress are its dynamic database driven website creation capabilities. The overall pros and cons of RapidWeaver are its static file generation (and security) for websites.


Hi Aaron - that’s what this is about. That WordPress is perfectly capable of producing static files, just like RapidWeaver. Why go through all the hassle of trying to “reinvent the wheel” if it’s already built?

Odd. A quick look around shows topics relating to video editing, video compression, PDF handling and out and out adverts for apps on the app store with little to no relationship to Rapidweaver - but you take exception to this thread about website generators?

Why not dive in and tell us all about how wonderfully RW compares rather than attempt to censor?

Those apps show relation to RapidWeaver in file preparation, image optimization, workflow, etc. we’re talking about an entirely different platform that has no benefit to RapidWeaver users.

Censorship would mean deletion or closing of this topic, which I haven’t done.

Just a friendly little note I wanted to drop in, that’s all. :blush:


Hi Aaron - But I am a RapidWeaver user! (and a WordPress user and a PageKit user and Concrete5 user etc). Once again as I stated in my first sentence - “For those webmasters considering moving from WordPress to RapidWeaver…”

For example, let’s say you inherit a large WordPress site, but because of high-traffic, security concerns (or what have you), know that it’s time to go static. You could rebuild the thing in RapidWeaver at a considerable expense of time and treasure, or thanks to this little plugin, be done with the job in a flash. That’s my point.

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we’re talking about an entirely different platform that has no benefit to RapidWeaver users.

Interesting. In my own experience experimenting with other web building tools and methodologies has been extremely relevant and beneficial in my Rapidweaver journey.


It sounds like your point is to stop people who are thinking of moving to from WP to RW from doing so. I’ve always wondered why you’re always banging about WP on the RW forum, but I still can’t fathom it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen you have anything positive to say about RW, and if I could filter out your WP propaganda, I would.



Hi, Neil,

I respect your opinion, but do we really have to be so orthodox in our views about RapidWeaver (or on any other topic, for that matter)?

A little bit of open-mindedness never hurts anyone. It expands our inventiveness and competitiveness. It presents new possibilities and allows for more choices. It lets us learn new things. I think, we need more of it rather than less, especially in times of Brexit, intolerance and yellow wigs…

To end it up, I think you’ve misunderstood Bobafifi’s intentions, which were exactly opposite to what you think of them. Just my humble opinion…

I don’t intend to start a troll-war. I am not going to continue participating in this particular discussion beyond this point.

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Don’t need a lecture from you, thanks very much.

I’ll stick the the Weaver’s Space from now on. It’s Wordpress free so far.