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Can RapidWeaver 8 Make single scroll website? which can have the navbar links clickable to go to sections of the site? Can someone please enlighten me thanks

I believe there are a few ways to go about this, but I do know for sure that you can do it with the Screens stacks by

Thank you… I was hoping it could be used in foundry, and the link for a demo is not there. Hopefully I can get a few more comments on this topic.

Easy peasy. Just build the page, use the Mega Menu, and put links to anchors in it, then put the anchors at the points on the page you want to scroll to.

Hmmm I will try that… THANKS A Mil… Wish they had a video to show… But thanks a lot.

Yes, you can do all of this with Foundry. You’ll need the Potion Pack add on. Then use MegaMenu. Here’s the details:

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If you type “single page” in the forum search you will have some answers like this:

Looking for more single pages themes like CODEX

If you are looking for a ready made theme.
Otherwise you can find the pieces to assemble your own.

Here ya go. Took about 1min to make. it’s that easy.

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And if you want to scroll sideways, LOL.

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Just realised I’ve used a spacer stack that you might not have. So either get it here: or just replace it with any column stack and add a few hundred pixels to each, so you can see the scrolling effect.

And there are 2 videos showing how to use Mega Menu. See:

and scroll down to Mega Menu.


Thanks Guys you have all been a great Help.

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