Site can't provide a secure connection

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I have a domain: The canonical version is the secure, non www version:

.htaccess is set to force https and non www

Whilst both unsecure version redirect as they should, the secure www version is not accessible at all. I get the following browser message:

“The site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol. ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHRT_MISMATCH. The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite”

In Google search console, I have verified 3 versions (unsecure www and non www, secure non-www) but am not able to verify the secure www version.

Anyone able to shed some light on what’s happening here?

(NeilUK) #2

The https://www. version redirects to the secure non-www. version for me.

(Martyn Coles) #3

All three send me to the secure version.

(Peter Danckwerts) #4

Like @mac2474, I find all direct me to the https version.

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@NeilUK @mac2474 @peterdanckwerts

Thanks for looking and my apologies for not updating this more quickly. Unknown to me the previous owner had set up Cloudflare but (I assume) misconfigured it as only www pointed to Cloudflare but non www to the hosting server. With https the Cloudflare side stopped working - hence the issues.

Interestingly I canned Cloudflare altogether and the site is now demonstrably faster.

Thanks again

(NeilUK) #6

I had the same experience with Cloudflare. As soon as I used it, I could tell my sites were much slower. Ditching Cloudflare speeded things up again.

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