Site Image on iPad 11"

Hi, i have issue with “Site Image” stack on page. When I look a page on a tablet - Ipad 11", the images are poorly centered and unresponsive. Only on this type of tablet. In landscape and on height mode.

Look at: ReMag® Magnesium - Piko-ionové tekuté magnézium -

and images:

what is wrong? what can I fix?

Thanks, Mike

Looks like you’re using Foundry? If that’s the case, I’d ask the question over on the Foundry forum.

Yes, i use Foundry, Site Image is not Foundry stack, but ok i will write there.

Better yet, why not just tag Adam @Elixir here rather than encouraging to post the same issue on multiple forums.

As pointed out about the Site Image stack isn’t a part of Foundry. That said do you get this same issue when using Foundry’s Image stack @mikepm?

No, only with Site Image. But image stack from Foundry does not support custom filenames. I think that custom filenames of image is essential for SEO. For this reason I want to use Site Image. However, that all other devices work well.

I’m not seeing the pictures as you posted on the URL?

I don’t have an iPad 11" but the image is on the other side and seems to look okay at every breakpoint.

This is what I see with my browsers devise toolbar set to iPad pro:

This issue is only on Ipad 11". Other version, is OK. Thanks.

The images you posted have the picture on the other side? The URL you posted has the picture on the right. Don’t the screenshots show the picture on the left?

I don’t think Foundry does anything specific for an 11 inch iPad. It changes layout based on the screen width.

I can make the screen width any size and it seems to work.

Looks like the image is used on other pages, that’s a great reason to use site image as it’s cached.

That’s pretty strange.
I’m assuming that you are talking about the 2018 iPad pro-11-inch model?

I only have an old regular iPad 5th generation. The 11-inch iPad list 2388-by-1668-pixels screen size. That should equal a logical screen width of 1334 pixels in portrait mode.

I can display the page fine with the width set to 1334 in the developer tools. There should be nothing about a site image that would affect the way the image responses to an iPad.

My guess is that it’s something else on the page. I’m not at my office now and the machine I’m using isn’t the best. I did notice a lag in responsiveness when I resized the page. It could be the machine I’m using or some of the JavaScript on the page.

Does this happen if you lost the page in portrait mode or if you rotate the iPad after you have the page loaded? Does reloading the page help?

nothing helps, not even refresh, in both modes, when I use other image stack so everything is ok, the problem is only when using Site Image stack.
thank you, mike

The site image stack is buried pretty deep, last being in a Reveal stack. Have you tried without the Reveal?

There is nothing special about the HTML that the site image generates that would cause the issue you are seeing.

<img class="imageStyle stacksImage" src="" alt="ReMag® Zázračné magnézium - 100% vstrebateľný horčík">

I can’t get the failure you see, so I am guessing.

Does it happen with a standard stacks image stack?

The CSS for the 2 stacks image and site image are basically identical.
Perhaps @isaiah might have an idea?
I can’t get it to fail on a desktop at any width.

You could use the image stack and name the files until it gets figured out. Just double click on the image itself and hit done after entering the filename.

Yes, second one is remag-magnezium-horcik-image-stack.jpg.


Hi, image stack and site image is not identical. your image is image, but in stack image i can’t edit filename.


You rename site image stack images in the resource drop down tray.

I know it’s an image stack, I was suggesting you might use the old image stack as a work around until it gets figured out.

Is there some reason you are withdrawing prior posts? That’s going to make this thread hard to follow for anyone trying to help you with your problem.

I see what Doug sees on every iPad 11 Pro it’s been tested on…

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