Problem on iPadOS 17.5

My webpage below appears incompletely on ipadOS 17.5:

There are missing parts on the page (missing albums).

The only change was that I upgraded my iPad to ipadOS 17.5

I have renewed my subscription, but unfortunately RapidWeaver wasn’t upgraded, still 9.2.1 is the latest one.

The page appears well on the latest Sonoma update.

Have you experienced similar issues? Is there any known solution for this problem?

@PP1965 Hi, I’m on iPad Pro 12,9 from 2020 with 17.5 os. I can view your page without issue.

Hi @Bruno! Thanks for the quick response.

How many albums do you see on the page? There should be 9. I can see 3 only on iPadOS 17.5.

Unfortunately only 3. What’s your framework ?

RapidWeaver 9.2.1 (21062)
Stacks 5.1.2 (6312)

In foundry can you check manually the sizing and visibility in preview when you narrow the window ?

Yes, I can, when Manual adjustment is ticked.

Can you post an image of the stacks nested and confirm the preview works well ?

I’m not sure that I have understood your request well, please find the attached screenshots.

Ok in column stack can you check if breakpoints are correctly enabled and at what width ? I’m surprised you don’t use spacing or maxwidth stack. Is it foundry2 or 3 ?

I have to admit I’m not really experienced with RapidWeaver, Foundry and Stacks. I’m a musician and I needed a website. This was the quickest solution to build a “great” website to promote my music. :slight_smile:

Foundy 2 and 3 are also installed, but in this project I have used version 2 components only. Moreover I created this site 2 years ago, it’s difficult to refresh my knowledge.

Please help me, where can I check the breakpoints, in which component?

In the inspector when you click on the column stack you will see breakpoint informations, it’s the size at which mobile and tablet layout applied. The problem for me is that I don’t know foundry2 I use Foundry 3, so I don’t know « Reveal« stack for example, it doesn’t exist in foundry 3.

For some reasons I can’t find that breakpoint information in a Column stack, but I have created some screenshots, maybe they will help you.

Ok breakpoint is for mobile, tablet and desktop. I don’t understand why there are 4 columns configured then you set 3. But the problem I think is that the height is not correctly used. Could you try to put 2*3 new columns for your 6 other albums ? Don’t know if you see what I mean ? Before that can you post an image of the bottom of the stacks nested ? I would like to check the entire nest.

This is how the page was created:

Try to put your two columns stack outside eclipse just above or just under the one column stack alone


It solved! It seems that there is problem with the Eclipse component. Please check the web page now.

Thank you so much for you help!

It works perfectly. Glad to have helped. :+1: