Site Map Page Generates Broken Links

The site map page is generating broken URLs for me for some reason. When I add pages it is updating to show a link to the new page however several of the site pages are not generating the correct links. I have custom folders I have made but other pages are being updated so I am not seeing why some are working on the Site Map and others are not.

After a lot of messing around it appears that Sitemap built into RapidWeaver will not properly locate subpages and rightfully assumes that if you have a page in a page and type in the path


in a parent page and then type in folder1/folder2/index

then the site map will point to

“folder1/folder1/folder2/index.html” instead of
“folder1/folder2/index.html” which is where the file really is that RapidWeaver places the file. Not sure why it is getting confused and if this is something to do with Shift Theme or not but all I know is that it is not generating the right links to the pages as it should.

Youheads sitemap seems to have figured it out and works much better, so thanks Realmac for serendipity.