Sitemap.xml bug

It appears that RW 7 is creating my sitemap.xml incorrectly.

In the RW page inspector for a page on my site I have Folder = /customers/private

This produces this page:

But in I find:

Can I be doing something wrong here? Or is this a bug?

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can you show a screengrab for the page inspector

I have exactly the same bug. For a long time. (On RW8 too)


If the page name is ‘customers’ the sitemap you have is correct. It shows URL / Page Name / Folder Name.

That’s why you have ‘customers’ twice.

The page name is “Private Customers”.


Incidentally, the Services page is placed within a folder called /mac-support-zurich, which is reflected in the sitemap as iHealMacs Services | Mac Technical Support in Zurich. This URL is correct. The page name does not appear in the sitemap URLs.


You want the folder for the Private Customers page to be “/private” and not “/customers/private”.

Since it’s a sub-page of Customers, it will go in the folder “/customers” specified for the Customers’ page. By specifying “/customers/private” you are telling RW to put that page in another “customers” sub-folder before putting it in a “private” folder.

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This is not what is happening. With the folder set to “/customers/private” the page is being placed where I want, and where I expect, which is domain/customers/private/. But the sitemap says domain/customers/customers/private/index.html.

As an experiment I changed the folder field in the page inspector to “/private”. Now the page is being placed in domain/private/ and the sitemap says domain/customers/private/index.html, which is still wrong.

If the sitemap is not matching the actual site structure surely that is a bug, regardless of how the folder field in the page inspector is filled out…?

(Just to be clear, I don’t actually care in what folder the page is stored. I am right now getting errors from Google Search Console for my two pages which RW has incorrectly listed in my sitemap.xml. This is what I’m trying to fix.)

Sorry, I was trying this from memory. Just checked one of my projects. Try just “private” (omit the leading “/”).

I agree, though, the sitemap should match where the page is published. The above seems to work fine for me. It should get you the structure you want and get the sitemap to match.

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Removing the leading / appears to produce the correct sitemap.xml. Waiting now for Google to validate the change.

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