Site not displaying correctly an MacBook Air

Hi everyone!

I’m almost done building a site using RW 7 and an Anthem Theme from Michaeldavid Design.

A friend of mine tried to view it on a MacBook Air (OS High Sierra, 10.13.6) und could only see banner images an Navigation!?
I checked it on different devices and I haven’t had any problems so far.

Here is the link to the test-site:

Does anyone have any idea, what the Problem is? Any help whatsoever would be much appreciated!


Displays fine for me: Safari, Chrome & Firefox (OSX 10.14). Maybe their browser is out-of-date? :slight_smile:

Looks fine on my iPad.
When I do not scroll down, I see only navigation and banner.
He does know how to scroll I presume :wink:

I am on a MacBook…and it all looks good to me…

Looks absolutely fine on my MacBook Air running Mojave in both Safari and Opera

Make sure your friend isn’t using an ad blocker or has cookies turned off. That can and will dictate how the site behaves.

Thank you all for your responses!! This sounds really reassuring. I’m happy to hear, it’s not some internal programming issue…
Thanks again for your time and help!!

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