Issues with RW8 from app store anyone?

Is/has anyone had issues with RW purchased from the App Store? Or maybe something else. I’ll try and explain this weirdness.
Earlier this year I upgraded to a newer mac (Late 2013 - 3.2 i5 - 32GB DDR3) with a fresh install of the latest version of everything I wanted to keep running on Mojave (10.14.6 currently). I purchased RW8 from the app store wanting to save few bucks at the time but seem to have some strange anomalies with it.
First thinking it was the plug-in, then the theme or maybe both. Here’s the result - I can change to a different theme for that page and it will look fine in preview, change to edit mode to make adjustment to text or something and go back to preview and it doesn’t work. Click on the simulate button to open a phone view and it looks good there and then it works fine.
Or, I can change themes, doesnt work, change theme again works on new theme, change back to first theme that DIDN’T work and it works fine.
Ok maybe something locally on my mac doing something during these weird views, but if I publish while its not working right on my machine - its not working publicly either.
I also notice that while using a 3rd party like kinfolk for the project - i want to change 1 page theme in the project - switch to artful (newest RW8 theme) and I do not have the option to drop in a new banner pic in the inspector general settings.
I can try and get some examples posted but I am in a time crunch to get this current project done before the holiday break.
just curious about the issue with app store. Im not a web developer by trade just for fun - thats why i got RW for its ease fo use and the crazy nearly unlimited use of so many plugins.

Thanks for your time all

UPDATE - all was working good, thought I had it figured out - I just removed the banner image option and it tada.
No - as I continued working on it, it started to act odd - taking a long time to go into preview mode then it was jacked - I went and published it so you can see
Go to - if you click on the first 2 rows it works - any of the album stacks after do not show the top menu to exit
This is just 1 of the anomalies that constantly occur.
Any information is greatly appreciated



More craziness - i made a screen recording -
notice first row fine - second row, i have to scroll with my mouse up to get the exit arrow, at the bottom - i don’t know what is happening here and still have to scroll up to get the exit option. Absolutely inoperable on mobile.

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