Site Not Loading - Project Theme Missing

It’s been a while since I opened up this file, and I did expect it to work, but when i double click on my .rw file ,I get an error message:

Project Theme Missing:

The (null) theme that this document uses is missing. If you open this project, RapidWeaver will apply the Foundation theme. Are you sure you still want to open this project?

Asks me to apply Foundation (which does exist, and I updated it)

I did send in a support ticket, although client wants their updates ASAP.

Thanks for any advice.

The theme you used creating the project is not available any more. RMS support cannot help you there.

Do you have a live link to the original website?

Thank you for your reply. Here is the link of the site.

I believe I am using Foundation for this theme, and it’s installed, and reinstalled the most recent version to make sure.

Thank you again, anticipating your response.

Yes, that’s true, Foundation is used. Strange.

I know…any suggestions?

There are a couple of suggestions here: Project won't open in RW7
Not specific to Foundation but worth a shot. (Foundation can get re-downloaded here:

Other than that, hopefully realmac support can get you sorted out

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Thank you. What does this mean? If your addons folder is configured to be in a custom location – try moving it to the default location.

This was one of the features in RW7. This video probably explains it better than I can:

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We have sorted the issue in a support ticket, but thought I would post here. The file is stored on Dropbox and it got corrupted as it no longer has a plist. We are trying to see if he has an older backup on Time Machine. I know Realmac is not a fan of storing files on Dropbox, but I believe if you follow the rules here:

you can do it without issues.

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I am also having this problem, and now I am not able to open my project!
When I do open the folder of the project I do realize that a plist file is missing! Unfortunately, I did save it in google drive, I thought it was safer, but I was mistaken!

I do have an older project with the same theme and this one opens without any problem (there is this famous plist file)

Is there any way to recuperate the work done on the project that is not able to open? here is the link of the site:
I am using Multi Regen Theme

Thank you for your help,