Can not install Foundation theme Rapoidweaver 7


I installed Rapidweaver 7 on my new laptop. I managed to install all the stacks I had before but I keep struggling with the foundation theme. I can not open my existing project because the foundation theme is missing. When I drag the foundation.rwtheme file to the rapidweaver icon it says it’s installing. When I try it again it says it is installed already.
But it does not show up between the themes.

I have the impression I messed up my whole folder structure, I do not find the “Theme” folder at all.

Can somebody help me?


Open up RW preferences and select add-ons then you can select open in finder. There is a folder for Themes


The default location should be:
~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Themes/Foundation.rwtheme


Thanks for your reply. The Themes folder really did not exist. I created it myself now and dropped the foundation theme into it. That worked. Now I can open my project but all other stacks seem to be missing.

I re-entered my stacks3 key, and it seems I’m getting somewhere. Still missing some stacks, though.

Might be too late, but if you still have your old computer, you can manage where the add-on folder lives. Then you can put it on Dropbox, and use it on both machines.

I still have it. Good plan! Going to try that later today. Thanks a bunch.

Hi, I think I have installed everything but still have a “Foundation version mismatch! The version of the theme and stacks do not match.” issue.
I downloaded the latest Foundation theme.
I still miss stacks like “icon bar”, “3 column foundation”…

It’s fixed! Stacks needed to get updated.

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