Can not install Foundation theme Rapoidweaver 7

(Inge Dillen) #1


I installed Rapidweaver 7 on my new laptop. I managed to install all the stacks I had before but I keep struggling with the foundation theme. I can not open my existing project because the foundation theme is missing. When I drag the foundation.rwtheme file to the rapidweaver icon it says it’s installing. When I try it again it says it is installed already.
But it does not show up between the themes.

I have the impression I messed up my whole folder structure, I do not find the “Theme” folder at all.

Can somebody help me?


Anyone else seeing this on some forum posts?
(Doug Bennett) #2

Open up RW preferences and select add-ons then you can select open in finder. There is a folder for Themes


The default location should be:
~/Library/Containers/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver/Data/Library/Application Support/RapidWeaver/Themes/Foundation.rwtheme

(Inge Dillen) #3

Thanks for your reply. The Themes folder really did not exist. I created it myself now and dropped the foundation theme into it. That worked. Now I can open my project but all other stacks seem to be missing.

(Inge Dillen) #4

I re-entered my stacks3 key, and it seems I’m getting somewhere. Still missing some stacks, though.

(Doug Bennett) #5

Might be too late, but if you still have your old computer, you can manage where the add-on folder lives. Then you can put it on Dropbox, and use it on both machines.

(Inge Dillen) #6

I still have it. Good plan! Going to try that later today. Thanks a bunch.

(Inge Dillen) #7

Hi, I think I have installed everything but still have a “Foundation version mismatch! The version of the theme and stacks do not match.” issue.
I downloaded the latest Foundation theme.
I still miss stacks like “icon bar”, “3 column foundation”…

(Inge Dillen) #8

It’s fixed! Stacks needed to get updated.