Two questions from a newbie

Hello, I’m at beginning using RW8 (purchased) and Stack (trial version) and would give a new look to my site. Of course I am’ having a lot of problems, as a newbie should have I think, and here I’m going to post two first questions.

  1. I have put two counters in a two columns stack in my Home page (based on Mountain Theme): on the left the counters and on the right a logo pic. When I go to preview the page have three different views depending of which preview I’m using. In the picture attached you can see in UP left the RW preview, UP Right the Safari view opening the index file saved into a local folder, Bottom the Safari view opening the site saved in a virtual domain on the Mac using Emporter. How can I know what view I will see when will public the site in my FTP?

  2. When try to display the Home page simulating an iPhone, the Hamburger menu overlaps the Title. Is there a way to move the Hamburger menu or avoid this issue?

Many Thanks

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