Site Review: Follow up on Joe Workman's suggestions

Joe Workman did a live YouTube webinar reviewing my web site last week. I’ve been working on some of the suggestions he made. I’m a ‘Lego’ RW user; not a pro. I’m soliciting feedback and suggestions.

1-Joe said I should use better colors for links to make it easier for people who have vision problems. The black on yellow gives good contrast. But I am not happy with the green for the hover and current. Similar issue for pages with sub-menus. I am using the Depth theme by Nick Cates.

2-Joe suggested using an overlay for those pics which have text to make them easier to read. Not quite sure what to do.

3-Joe suggested a do over for the menu gathering all the bee supplies under a link ‘Store’ and adding a side menu to the item page. I think he meant something similar to this. Is there a stack to do this?

4-Anything else to help me along?


Is this a live site or a test?

I only ask because the shopping cart gives me a sql error. It ignores adding to the cart.

On the “Hives and Supplies” page the “you may also like…” items give 404 errors when clicked on.

On the “Honey” page the submenu “where to buy” is in green with white rollover and underline. However on the “hives and supplies” it is white to white rollover with no underline.
On the “harvest” page it is white to white with underline.

So the navigation menu isn’t a uniform state on every page. Personally I would have a complete colour change on rollover with no underline.

On point 3: Foundry has a side Navigation stack that would work for you.



Thanks a bunch for looking at my site. If you get to the Indianapolis area, look us up and I’ll give you a bottle of our honey.

SQL: I just looked and didn’t see the error. I don’t know what to do. I use RapidCart Pro.

404: I did see the broken links. Godaddy recently moved us from an old server to a new server. Since this is the only major change. The site was republished after the move. I didn’t check those links. I’ll have to dig in and fix them.

Nav: I made an assumption (and we all know what happens when we assume) that after I made the changes to the nav and saved the changes to the theme that it would automatically change all the related pages. I see that I need to go to each page and select the related theme. Shame on me.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Have you tried making a “partial” of your Nav Bar stack?

You can then copy the “partial” to all your other pages and any time you update the nav bar inside the “partial” (on any page) it will update on all the pages straight away.

I checked the shopping cart today and it is working now.

On the Bee School page there is this one little thing that annoys me. The text flows around the picture depending on the screen size. That’s fine except when half the bullet list is to the right of the photo and the rest is under the photo on the left.

I don’t understand what a ‘partial’ is. Could you explain or point me to a tutorial?

Thanks for the feedback on the Bee School page. That is going to be redone per Joe Workman’s suggestion, too.

Try this:

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Excellent! Thanks a bunch.

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