Site structure blog or stacks page?

Hi there. Beginners questions. Might fall into the stupid category but here you go…

I have a site published but I really need good advice on structuring it. The site (take a look: is a motorbike feature site. It’s in its infancy presently. Work in progress…

I need to be able to update content & features on a regular, weekly basis. So its almost a blog or magazine style site. It is not static.

Longer term, bike advertising will form a backbone to the site…so any structure needs to take account of that as well.

However the RW blog page doesn’t appear to be able to be customised as much as I’d like. Stacks cannot be added to it. I might be incorrect in my knowledge about the ability of the blog page to be customised.

So here in this screen shot you’ll see I’ve structured the site using stacks pages. I can see that before too long there will just be pages upon pages to publish, as I increase content. This can’t be the right way to go.

Somehow I need to incorporate the main content onto one page. Should I do this on one main stacks front page, with links to jump to various articles on it? Or go to a blog page instead?

So any solid advice/feedback on site structure would be much appreciated.

Any pointers to past discussion on this issue or good third party plugins worth looking at would be great!


Armadillo from NimbleHost is a good blog option especially v2! It is a stack that allows remote blogging.

Just a note on your site: your columns are not responsive. There are plenty of third party stacks that make your columns responsive but if you upgrade to stacks v3 they come standard I think.

Cheers for your ears.

Hmm. yes. The unresponsive columns bug me too. I thought I was clever and the stacks would do it, perhaps get responsive… err…over time, sort of…umm…grow into the space?..(wishful thinking). But an upgrade to V3 sounds the way to go. Edit sounds in order until then.

Thanks! I’ll check Armadillo. might also be option? I’m trying to keep it simple. For my sake.

I haven’t tried but all accounts say it’s pretty good. Armadillo is pretty easy to set up and quite versatile.
Your site looks good by the way. I like the headers and your images.
An option with a blog page could be that you have an RSS feed and have the links on the home page update automatically.
Advertising can be placed anywhere, just depends on what the content is (images with links, Google Adsense or other)

You could look into the Tumblr stack by Joe Workman (yes, I work for Joe). Tumblr is a great blogging service with apps for mobile devices, blogging on Tumblr itself or even sending in an email to make a blog post, if you have it set up for that.

Hope this helps!!

Hey thanks yes I’ll check out that option. Already have a tumblr blog so reasonably familiar. Wasn’t aware of the possibility of linking it via RW.