Sitelok as base for a Discussion Forum?

I’m looking for a discussion forum and have checked out Disqus and Muut.

The trouble is they cost, and with the tiny membership numbers I expect on my very specialised site I really don’t want to pay for such service.

Nor do I have the time or experience to start building one from scratch with something like phpBB which has been mentioned in this forum several years ago.

I bought Sitelok some time back, and would plan to use this to manage the membership side of things. I haven’t installed it yet, it and haven’t really checked out its add-ons, but does anyone know if the add-ons include anything I could use as a discussion forum?

Vanilla Forums will work. There is also a Sitelok plugin for Single Sign On. I have used it in the past, but have not looked recently.


There’s a free Vanilla Forums plugin for Sitelok listed on the Vibralogix’ site.

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I’m using a free / Open Source solution in a couple of my sites- it seems to be working fine for both of my clients.

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Thank you all very much.
Vanilla Forums is exactly what I want.
For some reason I didn’t pick it up on Vibralogix site.
Probably wouldn’t have recognised it as the solution anyway.
Brilliant support from this RW forum once again.

Isn’t Vanilla Forums what what this forum used to use and was always full of spam? I dare say that was down to the way people’s credentials were validated.

That’s true of many forum types. It’s important to understand that unless properly set up and policed, a forum can descend quickly into an ocean of spam. It happened to a client of mine.

Thanks robbeattie, I wonder whether you can point me to info which will make sure I properly set and and police a forum

Just visited the Vanilla forum to check out various discussions on spam.
Any other pointers would be very welcome
Thanks again for all the feedback on this

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